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Glory Shine Natural Oil is multi-purpose oil full of 100% natural ingredients. Olive oil, grapeseed oil, jojoba oil, wheat germ, and natural fragrance. Using Glory Shine  Oil everyday will help to eliminate dryness in skin and hair!

GloryShine Natural Oil


    It naturally moisturizes dry skin and enhances normal skin leaving it soft and healthy. Glory Shine Oil relieves and heals dry cuticles, softens the roughest elbows and makes hands and feet as soft as baby’s skin. Glory Shine Oil is very soothing to all parts of the body leaving a soft, healthy glow.


    Does wonders on relaxed and color treated hair, and keeps healthy hair protected and shiny. Relieves and feeds dry, thirsty hair. Glory Shine Oil makes hair more pliable and brings dead hair back to life. Glory Shine Oil nourishes, moisturizes, strengthens and penetrates the hair cuticle and softens medium to coarse hair. Glory Shine  Oil is excellent in keeping hair from breaking during weaves and braids. Glory Shine Oil natural ingredients eliminates itchy scalp and protects hair during the dry climates.


    For the Body: After a shower or a bath while the skin is still moist, rub Glory Shine Oil were needed to lock in moisture.

    Manicures: Excellent for the repair of dry cuticles and dry hands. Use Oil before and after regular manicures or whenever oil is needed during nail services.

    Feet and Hands: For dry feet after pedicure, bath or shower, rub Glory Shine Oil into hands and feet to lock in moisture. Use daily to maintain softness.

    Hair: For coarse hair add a small hand full  Glory Shine Oil on hair before blow drying. Excellent as pressing oil. Helps make hair smoother during flat ironing. Helps lubricate dry scalp and protects hair during braids.

    Chemically treated Hair: Helps repair colored and chemically treated hair. Restores elasticity, makes hair pliable and brings damaged hair back to life.

    Curling: Before curling dry and coarse hair, apply a little Glory Shine Oil for protection from the heat and to lock in a beautiful shine.

    Treatment: Glory Shine Oil is excellent for hair ends: after hair trim or as a home maintenance treatment apply small amount to ends before rolling or wrapping hair at night. Makes hair have a beautiful healthy luster.

    For external use only!

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